• Happy With A Purpose is a NPO, Registration number DSD NPO 144-722 founded by Zaakira Mahomed, founder and owner of Vibe Marketing who has been running her company for more than 10 years. Zaakira has always dreamed of creating a space where people can find a way of easily spreading cheer and love. And it is for this reason that Happy With A Purpose was born.
  • It is a channel whereby ordinary people can contribute to making an IMPACT. Happy With A Purpose finds gaps and social inequalities where there is a lack and looks for ways to fill it.
  • We have chosen the butterfly as our emblem because of “the butterfly effect”. One flutter of a butterfly’s wing can create massive change at a later time. Being part of Happy With A Purpose is that flutter. By being part of this initiative we are enabling a change, creating a ripple effect, an effect that reaches far beyond our comprehension.

  • Also, the uplifting hands releasing the butterflies are a symbol of freedom, growth and empowerment . This is our commitment and passion.
  • Women are recognized as strategic players in the transformation of the economy and social changes. They are seen as the pillars, the cornerstones of communities, families and society, yet despite this accolade too many women are faced with adversity that in the year 2015, is unacceptable. Yet more than 60% of women in our continent are facing numerous difficulties.
  • With all the advances of societal reform, global technology and a plethora of information at our fingertips, figures like that , are unacceptable and it is up to all of us to revolutionize this.

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