• Women around the world face gender specific challenges when it comes to health and safety and are at higher risk in contracting HIV, sexual assaults and related difficulties. Most of these challenges are beyond our control and related to deep rooted cultural practices that will take years to change.
  • It is shocking that in this century more than 50% of women and girls in the world fall in the category of females who are struggling monthly for being women and unable to purchase sanitary wares during a time that is purely natural and part of being a woman.
  • Research shows that 60% of South African women are missing out on education and work during their menstruation cycle. They are unable to continue with their daily routines because they do not have access to sufficient sanitary ware and they cannot take the risk of going to school or work and dealing with the embarrassment and discomfort. In this contemporary society, these kinds of challenges are deplorable.
  • If this is the kind of hardship young girls are facing, imagine the difficulty endured by women who are trying to bring in extra income to their families. They are continuously stifled by their menstruation cycle, simply because of a lack or resource.
  • However, some issues can be addressed and have life changing outcomes. In this day and age menstruation is a huge barrier faced by women around the world. This is something that most of us take for granted unintentionally. Without access to proper sanitary ware women and young girls resort to improper hygiene practices like, rags and leaves which lead to severe health concerns and detrimental social practices.

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