• It is for these reasons that we, at Happy With A Purpose, are putting all our efforts and attention into manufacturing and distributing the Mina menstrual cup for women of the world.
  • The problem is so deep and so wide. It is not enough to just distribute sanitary ware to these women and expect that to fill the void. Often these women don’t have access to getting rid of their waste in an appropriate manner and many other hardships.
  • That is why we have come up with the WENA 1 , MINA 1 campaign. For every menstrual cup that we sell, Happywithapurpose will provide one to someone in need.
  • We are not only raising funds to manufacture and distribute the menstrual cup, we are also creating jobs as the MINA is manufactured locally. Women in communities will be producing the pouches in which the menstrual cups are stored. We will provide training and facilitation to nurses and teachers who will educate the women and girl child about the Power of being a Woman, feminine hygiene and other issues female related issues.
  • The BUY 1, UPLIFT 1 initiative is about uplifting women through their bodies and through education.
  • Through this platform we can enable women to have alternative options. They can change their stories and re-write their destiny. By empowering these women we are not just contributing to their lives but to their children’s, their families and their communities.
  • Happy With A Purpose is an initiative striving to bring joy and happiness to other peoples and our own lives. This organization is motivated to find causes, opportunities and moments where we can inject lightness.
  • The menstrual cup has already been successfully introduced to communities over the last 2 years. The outcome has been phenomenal . Our objective is to reach more women and girls and to close the gap so that we can tackle new challenges.
  • Price should be R285 including vat, ( which is roughly just under US$25.00 each) which means that it costs R5 per month for 5 years.
  • Are you able to stay without your monthly magazines or weekly manicure once in a year and help us change the lives of our sisters, our mothers and our daughters?
  • Corporates – this is a chance not only to give back to communities but to actually solve a challenge. This can be eradicated and YOU can be part of the change.
  • We need your support to create an impactful society.
  • Help us create confident ambassadors and leaders of tomorrow to continue to pay it forward. This is your responsibility. OWN IT.

Happy Day
First National Bank
Account: 6245 2102 363
Branch code: 256205
IBAN : 62452102363256205
Please use your mobile number as a reference.


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